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76 Testosterone Gels Get a Failing Grade in More Ways Than One

Kemi Olunloyo :'I Don’t Experience Orgasms' media personality opens up on FGM

Crohn's sufferer on ending life at Swiss clinic: Government cuts denied me care so I've chosen to die

Has the Normalizing of Pedophilia Begun?

Japan's Shame

Caverflo - another death caused by fake tongkat ali shipped from Singapore

Does Reggie Bush Also Think Kim Kardashian’s Vagina Smells?

Angry Argentine parents accused of fatally beating pedophile, a trumpeter, as he played in church concert

Got the balls? Men are super-sizing their testicles with this bizarre new procedure

What does a Saudi “whore” look like? Just go to Hardee’s in Jeddah to have a look

Woman, 36, who stinks of rotten FISH and onions is forced to work night shifts after colleagues complain


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